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#MayDay A Call To Educate Our Union Family

As a lifelong union member, LiUNA Local 1001, May Day has always been a somber remembrance of what we have gained and lost as a nation of workers.  A day where we protest, shout and fight for our rights.  As RTW continues to creep across this fair land, it’s a reminder of who we are, what we do and why we do it.  From the IBEW sisters and brothers that keep safe lighting in our homes, businesses, and streets to the AFT forcing school districts to actually care for the children of our next generation, we remember together today.  Even though we celebrate on a mass scale on May 1st every year, every day is special for union members.  Every day we make a difference in the world with safe construction, school bus drivers get our kids to school and much more.  I’ll be using my freedom of speech and my Wagner Act to celebrate learning as a family.  I have compiled several articles I have written and published over the years (besides the two and half year M.A. thesis) to bring new light to who we are.  Our history and our future shine brighter when we actively retain more knowledge of our rights.

I dedicate my work to you, my sisters and brothers, those retired, those in apprenticeships and those that have passed-like, our dearest Mother Jones, and Rev. Wyatt, this day is a day for all of you.  A dangerous union member is an educated one!

Thank you!!!!!!!

Union May Day is An Inside Distress Call:

21st Century Boston Tea Party:

Union Women are the Voting Power:

Dr. King’s Dream Lives On In Labor Movement:

Pensions The Citizens Piggy Bank:

Get Politically and Socially Active for Empowerment:

American Unions The International Austerity effect:

Labor Unions: Common Sense and Positive GDP:

What Does a Conference Mean to You?:



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