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3 Things You Missed Watching Trump’s Russiagate

As mass media circulates the Trump Russiagate investigation,
Americans have lost sight of what’s really going on. We must take our
blinders off and find ways to positively change our future as a nation.  It’s not the new Cold War that will destroy
us. It’s the rising gun violence, declining wages, and opioid crisis making the biggest impact. We need you to save America.  

Stop Gun Violence One
Hour at a Time

The Middle East war has lower casualties than the one on our
own land.  According to reports by NBC
, more Americans, approximately 1.5 million, have died by guns than in
almost all the wars we have ever fought.
Our American cities are besieged by violence, every type of cities.  It’s not just New York, L.A. and Chicago
anymore.  Little cities like Rochester,
NY, Monroe, Louisiana and Gary, Indiana have seen skyrocketing gun violence.  Gun violence has become a socially acceptable
means of death for too many Americans.
It’s now an ingrained way of life.
The deaths of children at Newtown barely shocked the nation.  When the evening news finally stopped the
repeat coverage, we forgot about those little lost souls.  Families are further victimized when they
contract PTSD and similar fear and violence induced mental issues.  

Gun violence is an epidemic in America.  Let’s stop it together by focusing on our
youth.  They bear the heaviest burden in
the war on American soil.  Children
growing up in single parent and dysfunctional homes may need mentors.  They need someone to spend time with them to
explain and guide them in making wrong or right decisions.  Try to donate just a couple hours a week with
at risk youth in Big Brother, Big Sisters of
.  Join your local school
council to fight for fair and advanced educational resources.  Lastly, keep your guns in a safe place.  Check your kids rooms.  Listen to them when they’re telling you they
are stressed or afraid, especially if they believe gang members are recruiting
them.  We can change American history
with each of these options by changing the number of people killed by gun
violence.  It all starts with our

Unions Pull the
Bottom Up

How can an American work and still need federal and state assistance?  Today, nearly 6.3 million
Americans go to work everyday and have food insecurity, are financially  forced to live with relatives, forgo
medications and clothing.  American wages
have declined and/or stagnated since the mid 1970’s.  After Reagan’s anti-union stances wages fell
quicker and harder.  John Rawls states in
A Theory of Justice  that as we rise we pull the bottom up.  It seems to be reversed in modern America.
According to the US
Bureau of Labor Statistics
, union membership in the US labor force declined
from 20% in 1983  to 10% in 2017. Unions
have lost 5 percentage points since the Great Recession.  That’s millions of Americans now working for
lower wages and benefits.  Everyone, even
Illinois’s anti-union Governor Rauner, knows union workers have the highest
wages and benefits-especially in retirement compared to meager social
security.  Unions use their finances,
educational specialists and voices to protest falling wages and benefits which
helps all workers.  They back up what
they say as they battle court orders across the country to protect workers
rights.  If Americans want to find their
American Dreams, then they must help everyone attain reasonable wages and
living standards from those wages.
Support unions by contacting your local political representatives, join
a union protest and even organize a union drive.  When we all do good, we all do good.

Pill Popping Nation

The opioid crisis is finally considered a national
epidemic.  But it took too long. Opioids, especially the historic rise in
heroin use, is destroying entire towns and cities.  Small counties such as Ross
, outside of Columbus, Ohio cannot afford drug intervention services,
increased policing and jail services. The entire state of West Virginia has
been decimated with nearly 900
overdose deaths in 2016
. According to statistics
from 2015
, opioid healthcare related abuse needs cost $25 billion, $5
billion in criminal justice costs and a whopping $26 billion for workplace
related issues.   The crisis has grown
phenomenally in two years.  Opioids are
costing our nation familial stability, our capitalist wheel is getting squeaky
and our healthcare costs will continue to dip deeper on our premiums and our
taxes.  Stop the crisis by legislating to
take affirmative action for the next generation of abusers-teenagers.
As previously stated on Political
, Senator Kathy Klausmeir (D-MD) introduced the HOPE Act-Heroin and
Opioid Prevention Effort Act which insists secondary schools teach classes on
this epidemic.  Knowledge is power.  Ask your elected representatives to pass similar
legislation. Call them and insist on increased CDC funding for your local
health centers and police districts for prevention, abuse and re-integration
resources.  If we don’t save ourselves,
who will?  

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