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Why Juliana Stratton Can Empower Illinois

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Illinois’s reputation has sunk like it’s credit rating for the past three years. Residents have become disempowered and over taxed while scrambling for public school funding.  The states future can change with the candidacy of Juliana Stratton for Lieutenant Governor.  Finally, an African-American woman running for a top spot in the Land of Lincoln.  Maybe Abe can stop rolling in his grave over the lack of support for the 13th Amendment in his home state.  Illinois needs Juliana Stratton to wield her expertise to balance inequalities in power, the criminal justice system, and social services including school funding. She’s not just a good candidate, she’s the best candidate.

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Seal the Power Gap

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f half the electorate are women, then we have a long way to go.  Currently, there are only 6 female governors, 2 Democrats and 4 Republicans.  Lieutenant governors double that with 12, 5 democrats and 7 Republicans.  Half the glass is definitely empty on leadership roles.  Women understand lopsided socialized gender responsibilities.  Women carry the overwhelming majority of child care, schooling, elder care, family care, healthcare, work balance, unequal wages and discrimination. Juliana has made empowering women and families her career goals in her lengthy journey. She is already filling the glass.

Balancing Wage Disparity

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, Illinois has the highest unemployment of African-American males in the Midwest at 15%.  As a Justice leader, she knows male unemployment creates new struggles for all families.  Discrimination is intertwined.  If one minority is disempowered, then they all go down together. Juliana is a staunch advocate for Labor Unions especially since they are the only places minorities and majorities work side by side for equal benefits and pay. She has and will continue to advocate for prevailing wages, increased minority employment and equality in the workplace.  These have been her traditional justice focuses.

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Injustice is Not For All


Illinois needs a state leader that can decrease the revolving door of crime, prison and poverty.  As a Justice mediator, researcher and advocate, Juliana has already supported diminishing maxi-min sentencing, increasing restorative justice programs and work programs.  The Land of Lincoln must decrease incarceration to decrease crime while supporting would be criminals with justice focused educational and work programs.  According to the Illinois Policy Institute, Illinois has one of the highest overcrowded prison rates in America.  We need a criminal justice expert to turn around our communities, not keep them imprisoned.

Education is the Future

Recently, Illinois’s battle for public school funding has gone national.  Even in one of the richest states in the US, they come in dead last for public school funding.  If a woman were in the Lt. Governor’s seat, things would be different.  Julianna has a proven track record of achieving educational funding.  She’s been an advocate for school from pre-school to universities.  We need her to be the leader in Springfield to maintain a majority vote for increasing school funding.  Education is the future for all of us, not some of us.

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Castaway State

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Illinois is a blue boat floating in a sea of red.  Illinois overpoweringly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 proving Illinois is ready to go forward with a progressive thinking, Middle-Class centered female candidate.  A 21stCentury mentality must be maintained and continue to spread throughout this state and surrounding states.  It’s the only way the Midwestern states will stay afloat.  Julianna will empower women, minorities, students and communities.  She’s already done so let’s keep her doing it.