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21st Century Boston Tea Party

As America wakes from its timeless slumber of a consumer
driven coma, we are faced with issues we thought we could buy ourselves out
of.  We thought the middle-class could
continue to grow and thrive under diminishing wage values, increased Right to
Work legislation, de-funding of schools and rising violence. Our compatriots believed the same thing 244
years ago.  On May 10th, 1773
the Tea Act was passed rousing the revolution our great country was built upon,
the Boston Tea Party.  Though it would be
7 more months of whispered rage between settlers, December 16th,
1773 we were truly born. The oft used
adage “born again” is definitively appropriate as our Motherland births a new
revolution. Our revolution began in November as the popular vote watched in
horror as the country turned red.  Since,
we have finally re-animated our needs by re-joining the Labor Movement in
protest for workers rights, continuously fight for school funding and protest

Labor Unions Create a Safe and Prosperous Future

The Labor Movement has been and continues to be the vehicle
for maintaining a Middle-Class life.  The
Right to Work (RTW) legislative ambitions of Conservative leaders will
permanently collapse the classes into upper and lower.  May Day is an especially important means to
vocalize our needs as a dying class. Right to Work states see an immediate
decrease in wages, benefits and overall working conditions.  Wisconsin continues to hemorrhage jobs since
the RTW Act 10 passed.   According
to the Economic
Policy Review
, wages are lower by over 16% in RTW states.  Now that Trump is president we can count on a
return to the Baron ruler ship of the late 19th to early 20th
Century.  We must continue to join and support unions as
they have upheld the prevailing wage which effects every worker and working
conditions.  No unions, no rest for the

Public School
Funding Determines America’s Next Leadership Skills

American public schools have a history of being the last to
be funded especially when minorities are the majority of the system.  From Chicago to Los Angeles, public school
funding has become a thorn in the side of many politicians who want to
misdirect funding for public works projects, new airports and even
beautification projects.  If we do no
educate tomorrows leaders, we are all in danger of a dismal future.  The greatest generation to act on this topic
are Baby Boomers.  Over 80 million
Americans have the time and economic knowledge to understand that today’s
students will make the greatest effect on their economic security in
retirement.  If our children are short
changed resources including digital preparedness, libraries and health classes,
will they know how to provide for the older generation when it is their time to
lead?  A good education creates a
snowball effect for every generation before and after today’s students.  Tell your public officials your future
depends on student’s futures.  

Violence is a
Public Health Epidemic

Each year millions of dollars are spent by the CDC to
promote Flu vaccinations.  Yet, less
people die from the Flu than from gun violence.
During the 2015-2016
Flu season only 85 pediatric deaths
compared to 671 gun related
deaths.  According to Gun Violence Archive, a
total of 15,048 deaths were attributed to gun violence across America in 2016
with 30,592 injuries. Why haven’t we begun treating violence as a health epidemic yet?  We must continue to protest in the streets
for the CDC to begin educating citizens on how guns negatively affect their
lives beyond just the idea of gangs.  A
study by Stroger Hospital in Chicago, found 1 in 4 people have PTSD due to
rising violence.  Our teens are the true
targets of this disease as a total of 3,120 died from gun
violence in 2016.  We have national
hotlines for teen suicide though more die from gun shots.  We have national hotlines for domestic abuse
where more gun violence occurs to women than anywhere else.  We must ask our legislators to treat gun
violence as a health epidemic.  It’s true
cycle is that of a disease according to Cure
. Stop spreading the disease.
Our lives depend on it.

These are but a few of the 21st Century’s reasons
to reignite the Boston Tea Party mentality.
We must join together to protest rampant and frivolous spending by our
government that does not empower citizen’s lives including their pay checks,
schools and safety.  Together we stand,
divided we fall.  It feels too true

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