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Union May Day Inside Distress Call


A Letter to my Union Brothers and Sisters:
After over 150 years you finally did what politicians, Pinkertons, Carnegie’s, and the blood thirsty coal mine owners have tried and failed: you shattered our work like glass. Or should I say, yourselves, not us. On November 8th, 2016 you were directed by our labor leaders, scholars, researchers, political scientists, local union kin and even the news to vote for yourselves. That vote was for Hillary Clinton, a Democrat and the only candidate with a lifelong relationship in promoting and protecting union members. Well, only 51% of you did that. My “other” brothers and sisters ignored their paychecks, benefits, Right to Work legislative attacks and their own employment to vote by their own choice. A choice that is promising to cripple your employment, decrease your wages, wipe out benefits, obstruct pensions and basically replace you. For those of you over 40 good luck finding a job at scale with benefits. Just think in middle age you’ll be back where you started. But don’t worry no more fights over seniority. It won’t be an issue because it will no longer exist at your corporate job. For my dearest brothers and sisters in the red zones-meaning the majority of America, you’ll never worry about a strike or a layoff-you’ll be wondering when your unemployment runs out.  For the union sisters who would rather use the marginalization of the marginalized-you know what I’m saying, blocking women because you’re jealous of their hardwork-cat fighting-you won’t have anywhere to run when you’re sexually harassed, need contraceptives or FMLA to have your first born. Those are rights guaranteed in union contracts. Planned Parenthood is decimated, Obamacare is being recalled, the EEOC only has offices in cities and the hospital bill will be $50,000. But you don’t need a union or a woman president. You’re tough. Unlike the 49% of you red voting union kin, I live in a Blue city and a Blue state. I’m going to show up and show out at any cat fight for my rights. My right to have seniority, my right to health care, my right to be paid the best wages, and be given the safest work environments. What I’m not going to do is blame my union leadership when I voted against myself. What I’m not going to do is build a wall between myself and the American Dream by voting against myself. I am going to watch new union members be organized to replace you on new job sites. I am going to watch labor leaders re-organize and structure our Labor Movement to be the strongest this world has ever seen. And what I am really hoping to see, is that when you see the truth, you’ll vote for yourself and your family next time. Till then good luck. P.S. Don’t call your union business manager when the going gets rough. Call your president.

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