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Marijuana Legalization Generation Gap

Generations Gap

As Baby Boomers begin their massive entrance into the
healthcare realm of geriatrics, marijuana legalization has become a key
issue.  Lest we forget this is the
generation that created the Summer of Love, revitalized the Women’s Movement
and made Elvis King of Rock and Roll.
They were our rebel generation.  According
to Pew
they’ve become strong advocates of legalization, outpacing the Millennials.
 Their knowledge of caretaking for their
adult parents have taught them many a hard lesson regarding negative side
effects of painkillers.  From liver and
kidney poisoning to increasing dementia, they directly witness the current
geriatric pain medication vulnerabilities.  Our youngest American generation of voters
bear witness to millions of their friends becoming opioid
.  Both generations can testify
that marijuana can be a “healthier” alternative to pain medication while
helping ease the addiction and withdrawal of a generation of pill poppers.  But how does legalization affect both

Is Marijuana on the
Job A Concern?

A note of concern when discussing legalization is the fact
that businesses still test for marijuana in hiring and accidents on the job.  The U.S. has not truly rebounded from the
Great Recession leaving millions of people job vulnerable.  People are refused employment, fired for
being under the influence while at work or in an accident at work or better
yet, even while driving. Millennials graduated with the highest unemployment
rates, lowest job market and still make the lowest salaries across a generation.   If pot
is legal then shouldn’t it be legal everywhere at every time of the day-work,
leisure or else?  If not then legalization
will create a new type of social control to keep poor just that, poor.  According to a study in the Journal
of Drug Issues
people making less than $20,000 a year are nearly a third of
daily smokers.  These daily smokers risk
losing their low paying jobs if they have drug tests at work.  The second highest non-High School diploma
smokers.  Can these people afford to test
“hot” for a job?  On the other hand, Baby
Boomers no longer fear drug tests on the jobs as they are massively exiting the
work place.  The generation gap is
evident on the inner issues.

Legalization in the
Business Sector

Legalization should include stipulations across all the laws
of a state, city or municipality to protect the poor and minorities that
already struggle for Middle-Class employment.  If marijuana is legal then it needs to be removed
from a positive response on any drug test.
At work or while driving a legal limit must be set like that of a blood
alcohol level.  Someone smoking three
spliffs probably shouldn’t be driving a forklift, school bus or a car.  Even though marijuana is deemed the happy
high, regulating a harvest for taxes should include regulation for public
safety and employment security.    

If the Baby Boomers ever want their Millennial kids and
grandkids to move out of the nest, regulations for economic security and safety
for the people is needed.  

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