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#UniteBlue in Illinois or See Red


A few lessons Democrats should learn from the 2016 election
for the Illinois governor’s race. Democrats must not splinter the ticket in
2018.  Together we stand, divided we fall
is truer than ever.  

The Bernie Sanders v Clinton camps waged a national war
helping Trump win. Splintering a ticket, even in the primaries, creates angry
inner party voter in turn creating  lower
voter turnout while spinning important voters away to independent or
progressive candidates.  The Illinois
governor’s race may be two years away yet we already have many dissimilar Democrats
throwing their hats in the ring. Democrats must present one firm candidate that
has an immense treasure chest without a political career.  

In 2014 voters specifically chose Rauner because they
abhorred a career
Chris Kennedy may be a
likeable guy with a wealth of experience as part of an American political
dynasty but turning on other Democrats is not the path to leadership.  Pritzker is a successful business man with real life experiences in 21st Century innovation. We seriously need this in Illinois.   Over 30 Illinois counties still have unemployment
higher than the national average. Chicago may be deep blue but it cannot determine the Illinois
Governor victory.   Strategically speaking,  Alderman
and his Progressive Party will most likely splinter the primary along the south and north lines in Chicago leaving Cook County overexposed. Lest we forget, in 2014
Rauner won Cook County by over 100,000
.   Those are the majority of
the votes the Democrats needed to win the mansion.  A heavy split by the Democrats exposing inner
party battling and negative ads against each other will entice past Rauner
voters to remain Red in Cook County in 2018.

If the Democrats do not pick and choose carefully, Rauner’s
voters will choose for them.  

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