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American History is Built on Indoctrinating Our Voices

The 21st Century has been a vocal decade yet
eerily remaining silent.  Two hundred and
twenty-seven years ago New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of
Rights.  These amendments were an
indoctrination of the Founding American’s grievances from quartering soldiers
to fair and speedy trials.  These
Founders created a legally binding means for future protection against their
present situation.  In the past couple of
years we have witnessed mass demonstrations on police violence from Ferguson to
Washington, D.C.  We have fervently
watched the news to track where the next protest of the Black Lives Matter
bringing the voice of justice into our own homes. We know this much is true, Americans
are educated on Freedom of Speech.  Their
voices are heard for but a minute leaving the future silent.  True empowerment requires indoctrinating those
voices into new amendments, laws or local ordinances.

As we all know Chicago has witnessed skyrocketing violence in
the past few years especially when it involves police.  Unlike other cities the protesters have
turned their anger and frustration into a certified Civilian
Office of Police Accountability (COPA)
.  The board includes Black Lives Matter
activists, community activists, community police liaisons and educated leaders
in police and the community.  COPA
members will be trained on all facets of the Chicago Police Department
enhancing their ability to indoctrinate their ideas, community needs and sense
of equal justice in police shootings.
The voices are now an ordinance creating an objective future.

Michael Brown’s death may have seemed senseless but it is
not in vain.  The Ferguson, Missouri
Police Department and the US Department of Justice agreed to an independent monitor
ensuring objectivity in police training and investigations with the
community.  The people of Ferguson turned
their voices into a decree of justice, objectivity and fairness.   Their
healing is supported with documentation not exasperated silence.  

As we head into a seemingly divisive future reminiscent of
the Vietnam War Protest Era, we must turn words spoken into words encoded in
laws.   Since November 8th, people have
voiced their frustration with the electoral process, namely the Electoral
College.  Women have risen back to the
heights of protest for their rights.
Turn these voices into passing the Equal Rights Amendment.  Native Americans have loudly protested the
Dakota Pipeline.  Re-indoctrinate and
update the “land rights” that can be up to 200 years old.  African-Americans must continue to
indoctrinate their pain with laws, ordinances and citizen review boards.  The adage, “We the People” have spoken is
powerless.  It must be “We the People”
are the law.  

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