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Pink Ballot: The road to equality continues…

I’m a diehard Election Day voter.  Every man and woman throughout history got to
the polls, rain, shine, snow and freezing temperatures.  African-Americans beat literacy tests and
poll taxes for that one push of a button, punch of a card and now, electronic
selection.  But last week while I was at
the park I decided to give early voting a shot.
I had mulled over the idea for many elections and always waited for the
“real” day to vote.  This year was a
first for more than early voting.  It was
the first time Americans could vote for a female presidential candidate.  Actually, there were more women on the ballot
than men.  I had to check the ballot a
couple of times as I can’t ever remember that many of my peers ever being on a
ballot. Was something wrong with my ballot?
Were women really being supported by the major parties to run for major
races?  I’m talking statewide races like
the two women running for Illinois Comptroller.
Unbelievable.   After getting my
bearings straight I started to tap the screen selections for woman after
woman.  No, I didn’t just vote for women
because of their gender.  I voted for
them for their exceptional skills, education and experience.  Yes, we have women running for election that
are more qualified than their counterparts.  How could that be?  When no one was watching women took their
street smarts, community activism and education to the next level.  The ballot isn’t the place to decide gender equality;
it’s the place where it’s created.  When
you vote for a qualified candidate, you vote for a prosperous future-male or
female.  Double standards won’t get the
Illinois state budget passed or change the White House to pink.  Ready yourself to vote by checking on the
herstories of candidates.  Don’t cut your
prosperous future short by claiming “she’s too much of a politician”.  They’re all politicians.  Don’t short change your future generations by
claiming, “she’s a dummy candidate for this or that powerful man”.  There are more men in political power than
women, somebody needed to help her out.
And last but not least, don’t use the old wives tale a woman’s place is
in the home.  That’s exactly where we
learn to be confident, educated, family focused and hard working.  All the qualities of a great leader.  Vote early, vote for your future, vote

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