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Union Women are a Wonder

The bridge of life has only two sides,
Red or blue, serfdom or freedom.

My sisters and I attend to our side,
Here to negotiate our lifeblood.

Who we are and what we are,
Is to be scrutinized and decided.

Personal politics aside for now,
Our lassos of truth bind the bridge.

They call us Amazons, strong willed, muscular,
Only our voices will be used in our native tongue, union.

We sit on opposite sides of the bridge,
Baiting our tender, Big Brother.

Sometimes he’s our favorite brother,
Other times an unrecognizable distant relative.

We are half the sky and all of the earth,
Yet deemed less and less to our co-labor-ators.

Our strong backs and dues won’t quell these villains,
Only reconciliation with a tinge of humiliation.

The contest is over a different body,
A long envied scroll of independence and rights.

As Sister Friedrichs crosses away from our side,
Planks of stability, unity and equality fall fast.

Deep into the river of deceit below,
Drowning hopes and the American Dream.

We wait, the world waits to see,
Will the Nine plunge us back in time.

The time of Teddy Bears and New Deal battles,
Breadlines, Tarbells, Wagner and Taft.

Wonder Women, telepathy won’t work this time,
She knows the game, she is one of our own.

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