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Political Food Chain

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By: Mac-Z Zurawski

Food stamps, farms and citizenship are the main attractions on Capitol Hill.  The American Farm Bill and Immigration Bills have much in common:  hungry people.  While the House consistently fights over the inclusion of food stamps in the Farm Bill, the Immigration bills proposed deny migrant farm workers entry to citizenship.  It is not such an odd pairing when you think about it.  John Rawls’ Theory of Justice exemplifies the relationship between these two bills.  The veil of ignorance would create a social contract to enable people to eat, work and be members of a state regardless of social position.  Today’s political conundrum surrounding these bills is based on the social position of the deciders-Washington politicians.   These politicians are far removed from poverty, unemployment or non-citizenship.  Their politics are of exclusion not inclusion. 

The Conservatives fighting the inclusion of food stamps are the same that created a small department that inspects catfish.  They are wasteful when it serves their needs.  The Immigration Bills they continuously reject hurt the same farmers in their counties in the South.  But small farmers aren’t large monetary contributors.  It is true that it all boils down to money.  Immigrant groups and food stamp recipients do not contribute millions to Conservative political treasure chests.  These two groups are not socially or fiscally powerful therefore inconsequential.  The small farmers don’t stand a chance against the political contributions of Con-Agra. 

These two groups of inconsequential people need to make a much larger stand.  Years of hegemony by these groups did not create large enough coiffures or political funds to fight.  If either group wants to win against these Conservatives it will be at the polling place.  Small farmers need to vote for Democrats that will ensure support for bills that create a steady and able workforce.  They need to support big government if they want to keep their farms.  “Big brother” is not the one hurting them; it’s their lack of voting for themselves.  Furthermore, the stable employee does not need food stamps or require state and federal living assistance.  This self-sufficient employee is easier to present to the government for citizenship.  One of the main complaints by Conservatives and other citizens is they believe immigrants are a drain on the system.  Once these people become citizens they should continue to vote for themselves-Democrat.  We cannot vote against ourselves and then complain that the politicians are harming our interests.  People need to vote on issues, not religious alliances or paranoid theories on government control.  Political theorists have relished the idea of man vs. state but it seems that we are man vs. man in the interest of the state.  Vote for yourself. 

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